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Till date, our factory has 9 invention patents, 9 utility model patents and 10 design patents. We have been recognized as the “Henan Province Antibacterial Feminine Hygiene Products Technology & Research Center” and “Henan Province Enterprise Technology Center”.
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    Utility Model
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    Industrial Design Patent
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ISO Quality Occupational Health and Safety Management System

ISO13485 Medical Device Quality Management System

Executive Director Unit of Henan Province Medical Devices Chamber of Commerce

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UUcare Patented Technology
  • 3D Ergonomically Designed Core
    The 3D ergonomic design of a sanitary pad refers to its contoured shape that fits the body's curves, providing comfort, flexibility, and targeted absorbency. It features soft edges, breathable materials, and a thin profile for a natural feel and optimal protection during menstruation.
  • 4 Diversion Channels
    Four distinct pathways or channels strategically placed within the pad's absorbent core. These channels are designed to quickly draw and distribute menstrual fluid away from the center of the pad, helping to prevent leaks and keep the surface dry. By efficiently channeling the flow of liquid, these channels enhance the pad's overall performance, providing reliable protection and comfort during use.
  • Double "U" Anti-Leakage Design
    The double "U" anti-leakage design on sanitary pads includes two raised barriers or ridges shaped like "U"s along the sides of the pad. These barriers act as additional layers of protection, helping to contain menstrual flow and prevent it from leaking out of the pad. This design is particularly effective during movements or when sitting down, providing added confidence and peace of mind during menstruation.
  • 0.1 Ultra Slim
    Ultra-slim sanitary pads are popular among individuals seeking a balance of comfort, discretion, and reliable protection during menstruation. They are a convenient and practical choice for managing menstrual flow without compromising on comfort or style.
  • 3D Bumpy Surface
    This innovative feature is intended to enhance the pad's performance in terms of absorption and leakage prevention. The bumpy surface creates multiple channels and pockets that efficiently trap and distribute menstrual fluid, preventing it from pooling in one area and reducing the risk of leaks. Additionally, the texture promotes airflow and wicking, keeping you feeling dry and comfortable throughout your period. Overall, the 3D bumpy surface is a practical and effective design element that improves the functionality of sanitary pads.