Your trusted destination for premium feminine hygiene products. Discover our innovative range of sanitary pads and liners designed for ultimate comfort and protection. Embrace confidence during your period with UUcare.
UUcare’s new Overnight Panty – your ultimate comfort companion for a restful night’s sleep!
FIRST UNIQUELY DESIGNED SANITARY PAD IN SOUTHEAST ASIA Ergonomically designed 3D side leakage prevention. Wings are separated from the body of pad, greatly reduces abrasion with inner thigh. Centered core fits comfortably to body.
An antibacterial surface independently developed by UUcare. Antibacterial protection that lasts up to 12 hours, inhibit bacterial growth, eliminates odor effectively.
Time Release Technology Enables Long Lasting Herbal Effects. Uses natural herbs extract like Corydalis Yanhusuo & Angelica Dahurica which effectively helps with pain relief
Uses natural herbs extract like Black Cumin (Habbatus Sauda) and Labisia Pumila (Kacip Fatimah). It provide soothing, firming and brightening benefits.
UUcare Young Girl sanitary pad offers double “U” anti-leaking system, locks the fluid tightly within the pad, keeps you dry and clean throughout your, keeps you dry and clean throughout your
Product Reviews
Here's why our customers trust UUcare
100% love ! it get rids of the odor smell in 2-3 days ! would purchase more now hehe
Tiktok Review [Feminine Wash]
Have always been using this, saw sales so immediately bought and stock up. Very gentle to the skin and will give off this slightly cooling feel everytime after wash. Very comfortable.
Tiktok Review [Feminine Wash]
I was very impressed with the quality of the product I received.the product was exactly what i was looking for.. highly recommended.👍👍 Will repeat order..
Tiktok Review [Feminine Wash]
Amazing. I thought i was starting some kind of yeast infection (im diabetic) when i started using this it stopped in like 2-3 days. I feel so fresh!!
Tiktok Review [Feminine Wash]
Very good product. Easy to use, adequate length. Long-lasting and durable, great absorption capacity, 3-year warranty for peace of mind. Soft and comfortable to wear, suitable for sensitive skin
Shopee Review [Ergo]
Leaves me feeling clean and moisturized, Keeps me feeling fresh all day, Effective in eliminating odors, Leaves a long-lasting feeling of freshness
Soe Nge
Lazada Review [Feminine Wash]
UUcare young girl pantyliners is bigger than expected. I like the size. The material feels comfortable. It can Keeps you feeling fresh, Feels like wearing nothing, And Gentle on sensitive skin, Perfect for young girls, There are 20 pads in 1 pack. Love them.
Lazada Review [Young Girl]
Gentle on sensitive skin, Antibacterial properties for added hygiene, Keeps me feeling fresh all day, good product
Harni Zoya
Lazada Review [Feminine Wash]
Perfect for overnight use, Breathable design, High-quality cotton material, Great for heavy flow
Lazada Review [Cool Tech]
Gentle on sensitive skin, Stays in place all day, No scent, great for sensitive skin, Easy to carry in your bag, Longer and wider design, Doesn't cause irritation, Provides peace of mind, Highly absorbent
Rahidah Angin
Lazada Review [Young Girl]
Leaves me feeling clean and moisturized, Effective in eliminating odors, Convenient travel size, Doesn't cause any irritation
Jenny Song
Lazada Review [Feminine Wash]
Prompt delivery. Happy to get this cool panty liners. The liners are thin and the cotton surface is very smooth. Tried it. Feel comfortable and dry. gentle on skin. Cooling sensation can be felt though not very obvious. Overall a good buy.
Karen Wong
Lazada Review [Cool Tech]
Always a safe and good for value choice of mine. Received in timely manner. Just the packaging translucent so screaming to the world it belongs to a girl.
Lazada Review [Young Girl]
Instant absorption, no leakage, Soft and gentle on the skin, Made with natural herbs, safe for use
Rio Padios
Lazada Review [Natural Herbs]
Does it job well and reasonably priced. Cotton surface which i prefer. Like this fuss free brand. Happy with purchase.
Shopee Review [Crown]
Like this comfort uucare pad it is very soft and breathable! 28cm is the perfect length and can wear it day and night
Shopee Review [Ergo]
I always buy this feminine wash from uucare because it has a nice smell that is not too strong and leaves me fresh and clean after use.
Shopee Review [Feminine Wash]
Repeat purchase. Fast delivery and received well packed. Pads are absorbent with no leakage. Comfortable and does not cause irritation to my skin
Joelle Goh
Lazada Review [Crown]
Long-lasting and durable, Great absorption capacity, No scent, suitable for sensitive skin
Wendy Goh
Lazada Review [Ergo]
Super absorbent, Perfect for heavy flow, Safe and healthy
Lazada Review [Crown]
Looks pretty and love its design very much. This is one of the best online sellers I like most, very reliable and very generous, I follow it and order the pads repeatedly and regularly especially during their big promotion! Great absorption capacity, 3-year warranty for peace of mind, Wings for added protection!
Kit Chong Mak
Lazada Review [Ergo]
Love the cooling feeling of the pure cotton pads. It is really comfortable and I enjoy using it. Moreover the price is reasonable.
Ann Chan
Google Review [Cool Tech]
Very comfortable, I can’t feel any discomfort and has very high absorbency thanks to its ergonomic core design!
Cynthia Li
Google Review [Ergo]
Cotton sanitary pads is good for sensitive skin. This local product even though is not like previous quality, still better than some of Korean brand which too thin that easily spoiled at 'skirting' area.
Shopee Review [Crown]
Tried the UUcare 28cm Herbal Pads, the pads have a light herb scent, have a smooth cotton surface that doesn't irritate my skin. The pad is quite absorbent and manage to lasat about 3 hours on my heavy flow days.
Qi Fang Neo
Google Review [Natural Herbs]
Cheap and good. Love this brand and it's value for money. It's cute and very wallet friendly :) quite fast delivery.
Shopee Review [Young Girl]
UUcare Young Girl series of pad has antibacterial surface which can inhibits bacterial growth and eliminates odor and it is comfy to wear. The most importantly is IT IS THIN . Highly recommend to ladies.
Wxxxx Hxx
Shopee Reviews
Love using this brand - UUcare. Been having aches before i used this brand. After using it, menses just keeps flowing and no aches
Shopee Review [Natural Herbs]
It’s very cooling and thin, making it comfortable to wear. The cotton also doesn’t come off after few hours like some other brands/types.
Shopee Review [Cool Tech]
UUcare herbal pads are my favorite! Ever since I’ve tried UUcare, I’ve never switch to any other brands. Especially this herbal pads - it helps with my cramps so well!! Smells very herby and it works very well thank you!!
Cxxxx Hxxxx Yxx
Shopee Review [Natural Herbs]
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